Court Reporting
Program Description:
Court reporting provides accurate, complete stenographic or digital records of court events. Digital court reporters record and transcribe court proceedings and hearings remotely through the use of special electronic recording equipment. Stenographers are present in the court room during felony jury trials and death penalty hearings.

The following types of proceedings are digitally recorded:

                           Marchman Act and Jimmy Ryce Hearings
                           Child Support Enforcement
                           Detention Hearings
                           Domestic Violence/ Injunctions
                           Drug Court
                           General Magistrate and Hearing Officer Proceedings
                           First Appearances
                           Juvenile Delinquency
                           Juvenile Dependency
                           Shelter Hearings
                           Traffic Court

The following types of proceedings are reported by a stenographer:

                           All felony trials, death penalty hearings and post-conviction proceedings.

Cost of Program:
Transcripts and Data Discs (on DVD media) are available for purchase. The following fees apply:


                           $50.00 non-refundable research/deposit fee (to be applied to the cost of the transcript)
                           $4.00 per page for an original and one copy
                           $4.50 per page for an original and two copies

                 * 1/2 cost of transcript is due before transcript is started.

Data Disc:

                           $25.00 per Data Disc, (on DVD media)

*Postage costs are additional
*Please allow 30 days for your Data Disc, (on DVD Media), or transcript to be delivered.

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Contact Information:

For more information about court reporting, your transcripts or Data Discs, (on DVD Media), please call Jenny Musgrove, 386-758-1333.

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